Freetown to Makeni

14 days after arriving in Sierra Leone I finally made it to Makeni. The drive from Freetown took over 3 hours and most of that felt like it was spent getting through the early morning traffic in in the city. There are some crazy drivers here weaving in and out. Kind of reminded me of the nutters you find on the A406!
Once past the capital we went through smaller towns in the Western rural province where people sold goods on the road side  to those driving past. As it was the morning fresh bread was being sold everywhere. They really love their bread here which I am sure I will find of use.  (I have a bottle of Marmite in my suitcase).
 Following this we were out into the countryside. The road to Makeni is of good quality so the ride was comfortable and I was able to appreciate the vast greenery around me. When you are in Freetown you forget that the population of Sierra leone is only 7 million. There are more people in London than in this whole country!
 As we are coming to the end of the rainy season the trees and plants have grown but Umar, the VSO driver, says that once we get into the dry season the trees will die, the land will become dry and forest fires will be common.
We arrived at my new house mid morning. It is just outside the main town, bordering a private hospital.  My apartment is one half of a large house within a walled compound. The apartment next door is currently empty but people may be moving in soon. The apartment is very big and as I am the first one here I got first dibs on the very large master bedroom which has its own en-suite bathroom.
While the local boys helped move in the furniture VSO brought, Edward took me to the hospital where I will be working.
Makeni govt hospital is a regional hospital and was bigger than i thought it would be. It has various small buildings connected by roofed pathways, and each building holds a different speciality such as orthopaedics or the female medical ward. I met some of the senior doctors here but Dr Kamara, the medical director who will be in charge of me is not in town till next week. I start work on Monday but I am not entirely sure what I am doing with regards to my clinical work. I do not have medical registration sorted out so doubt I will be seeing patients this week but I guess it will be a good time to get to know the lay of the land.

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